Flea and tick preventatives

We recommend Bravecto for flea and tick prevention for our canine patients. It is taken orally and lasts three months. With the fall tick season at hand, we are pleased to offer a product that is both safe and effective. Bravecto has some signifcant advantages over other available flea and tick products:
  • Taken Orally– systemic distribution to all skin areas for more effective protection.
  • Lasts three months.
  • No toxicity – despite testing, a toxic dose has not been established.
  • 99-100% kill within 12 hrs for the entire three months (before a tick can begin feeding/transferring disease).
  • Extremely well tolerated – fewer dogs vomited on Bravecto than off of it.
  • Bacon flavored, hypoallergenic treat-like chew = easy to give.
  • Contains a new compound (Fluralaner) that fleas and ticks have never been exposed to – no tolerance or resistance.

Other Products – “Topicals”

  • Topical – many reasons that distribution can be incomplete. More prone to skin irritation and reactions.
  • Lasts for one month.
  • Most effective products contain Pyrethrins, a pesticide with toxic effects if ingested.
  • Variable speed of kill (12-24 hrs) depending on the product used.
  • Possibility of topical reactions, especially in smaller dogs. Toxic to cats.
  • Topical application – can be messy and expose owners/family members to the product.

We began recommending Bravecto in August, 2014 and continue to receive great feedback from our clients. Dogs love the bacon flavored “treat," few side effects have been reported and everyone is telling us that, “It works!”

To provide excellent parasite protection for your pets we recommend the following “preventative regime:”

For Dogs:

  • Bravecto taken orally once every three months for flea and tick protection year round.
  • Interceptor Plus taken orally once a month year round for heartworm, round worm, hook work, whip worm and tape worm.

For Cats:

  • Bravecto is also available for cats (although in a topical form due to their finicky palates), and as with the oral version, it provides three month protection from fleas and ticks; or
  • Revolution applied topically once a month year round for fleas, ticks, feline heartworm, ear mites, skin mites, round worms, and hookworms.

Please feel free to call us at 594.8300 or stop in if you have questions.

 Thank you,

 Dr. Lee, Dr. Pierce, Dr. Gentili-Lloyd and the staff at PenBay Vets


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